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ISO 9001:2015

  • We are certified in ISO 9001:2015 applied to design and manufacturing of dies as well as to manufacturing of precision tools and of high precision wire-EDM pieces.

    We have the means to certificate dimensions as well as to make heat treatments and our production system management guarantees the traceability of each piece, from the raw material to the final control.

  • — Three-dimensional Zeiss
  • — 130x Microscope Tesavision
  • — Profilometer
  • — Durometer
  • — Micrometer


  • Quality is a commitment and an individual responsibility of each member of the organization, which must be applied in concrete actions that internally and externally reflect an image of INDUSTRIAS FOCS, S.L. that identifies itself with professionalism and quality of service.

    For this, we guide our actions to:

  • — Implement a Quality Management System based on the ISO 9001 Standard.
  • — Consider the client as the absolute priority of the company, committing to meet their requirements and expectations.
  • — Consider the continuous improvement of the Quality management system a permanent objective for the organization, planning, complying with the established requirements and periodically reviewing it to achieve it.
  • — Establish quality objectives that serve as a reference for the adaptation and review of the Management System and the Quality Policy.
  • — Comply with both legal and regulatory requirements that apply.
  • — Correct any non-conformities that occur, placing emphasis on prevention to avoid their appearance, in order to satisfy the needs of customers.
  • — Maintain an open relationship with the supplier at all times, evaluating him periodically to improve the products they supply.
  • — Train the organization's staff so that they become aware of the importance of their activities, contributing to the achievement of the established objectives.
  • — Promote a participatory environment among employees and operators, so that they are fully involved in meeting the requirements and continuously improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.